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Hustler USA – August 2016


– Hustler USA – August 2016
– Hustler – July 2016
– Hustler’s Taboo – May-June 2016
– Hustler – June 2016
– Hustler – May 2016
– Hustler’s Taboo – March – April 2016
– Hustler – April 2016

All the content is for demonstration only, we do not store the files and after reading you we ask you to buy a printed version of the magazine.

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    • Иван, absolutely. Read the comments, please http://vk.com/wall-48413872_6780

      • ? MAGAZINES, newspapers and e-books in English, Many Thanks!

  1. Seems like some real reading here! Let’s take a look inside…

  2. thanks guys, it’s looks much better then wedding magazines ?

  3. This group will be banned because of this publics. I like this resourse, but may be adult materials must be publishsh in other group. I recomended this group for my friend, and now i shamed.

    • Николай, it’s one and only post like this so far. If there happens to be a second one some day or year, would that be ok, if we posted it with no picture attached?

    • Николай, or should we move this magazine to a different public? PS. Take a look at the post now.

      • ? MAGAZINES, newspapers and e-books in English, i like nude girls, of cource, but,as for me, different public is the best way. I see this public just like educational source.

  4. well, guys, I have a very simple question: what’s the point in looking at nude women? I mean, seriously, what’s the point?

    • Александр, it was requested by our members, not because of the pictures. http://vk.com/wall-48413872_6780

      • ? MAGAZINES, newspapers and e-books in English, well, if it was requested, theeeeen it means that people are interested in the content of those magazines, right? I’m asking a very simple perhaps for someone even silly question — why do you need to look at the pictures?

        • Alexander, What is your Problem? This request was from me, coz i like this magazine.. Not any other adult magazine, but this. If you didnt known, there is exist not only pictures, but many interesting Articles..

  5. что за зануды, блин ! кому нравится тот смотрит!своего рода эстеты )впервые слышу ,что бы мужчинам нормальным не нравилось лицезреть красивое женское тело.dont meant to preach)

  6. Hell, I just wanted to say thank you! I enjoy this group it has save me $15 to $45 dollars a month in not having to buy computer magazine from England that cost $15 in the U.S.and now Hustler it could only get better if you could get Hustler Humor Mag. It is made up of cartoons. and even though than talk about black people like a (M F) it’s still funny a funny magazine.

  7. Thank you!! Any chance you can post more issues? Especially 70’s through 80’s, when the mag was at it’s peak for the best cartoons and articles. Thanks.