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Pierogi: More Than a Book, Less Than a National Taste Guide

Ukrainian culture is an authentic mixture of ancient Greek traditions, gorgeous Eastern streams and strong Western accents Either heydays or hard times – no matter – Ukrainian nation always keeps its features, spreading nevertheless an honorable attitude to all the rest So it is no wonder we want to share the UNIQUE time and gourmand proven 32 recipes of Ukrainian Pierogi with the others This simple and universal national dish could be easily adoptable on any kitchen, to any taste This is far from being a usual cookbook you might ever buy You’ll rather have a unique national dish guide in your kitchen And at the same time you’ll be really surprised how tasty and up-to-date the recipes are You’ll fall in love and will be addicted to cooking them again and again This book could be a great present, unexpected souvenir or a proper investment in your personal cooking skills and knowledge All the recipes were created and vitally tested by chef Aleksey Shvets The shots were styled and performed by Aleksandr Slyadnev These talented masters have already successfully co-operated under Food&Chief project, electronic and paper food guided and commercial photo sets With the team of the inspired colleagues they have re-invented the national cuisine literature to become a piece of style and honor And this is just the beginning So go on and try!

All the content is for demonstration only, we do not store the files and after reading you we ask you to buy a printed version of the magazine.

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