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Java 8 Exception Handling Develop Reliable Java Applications (Black Book Series) – Mahavir DS Rathore


– Java 8 Exception Handling: Develop Reliable Java Applications (Black Book Series)
– Java 8 Exception Handling Quiz (Black Book)

1 In a single sentence it can said “software is very pervasive and impacts human life in many ways” Today software directly or indirectly impacts many domains such as banking, healthcare, business, military, education, government etc Hence software reliability is of highest importance and exception handling help to enhance software reliability

In this book learn how to develop reliable Java application using Java Exception Handling Infrastructure This book has 17 chapters which have numerous examples for each of the topics and covers them comprehensively Some of the chapters in this book are

a Exception chaining
b User defined exception
c Try with resource
d Nested exception
e Checked and Unchecked exception
f finally block with return keyword
g Overriding Exception

2 This book is for Java programmers who want to deepen their skills in exception handling After reading this book your understanding of exception handling will be enhanced This book is in concise and direct MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) format, it has over 110+ questions and answers on Java exception handling It covers many frequently asked questions hence it is useful to enhance one’s knowledge on different aspects of exception handling using Java The explanation in the book are concise not detailed The book is spread across 17 chapters Some of the major topics covered in book are

a User defined exception
b Exception chaining
c Finally block
d Finally with return keyword
e Checked and unchecked exceptions
f Nested Exception
g Exception handling for overridden methods

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