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International Economic Law after the Global Crisis[Dr Soc]


– International Economic Law after the Global Crisis: A Tale of Fragmented Disciplines (2015) by Lim & Mercurio
– International Law (6th Edition) by Malcolm Shaw
– The Oxford Handbook of the History of International Law – Bardo Fasbender, Anne Peters & Simeone Peter
– Rule of Law in War: International Law and United States Counterinsurgency Doctrine in the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars (2015)
– International Trade Law (5th Edition) 2014 by Indira Carr

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  1. побольше бы книг на юридическую тематику, заранее спасибо))

      • MAGAZINES, newspapers and e-books in English, Что-то по основам международного права (for dummies)) было бы просто… ?????????…