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A History of Architectural Conservation


1 History of Architectural Conservation by Jukka Jokilehto

A History of Architectural Conservation expands knowledge about the conservation of ancient monuments, works of art and historic buildings It includes the origins of the interest in conservation within the European context, and the development of the concepts from Antiquity and the Renaissance to the present day Jokilehto illustrates how this development has influenced international collaboration in the protection and conservation of cultural heritage, and how it has formed the principal concepts and approach to conservation and restoration in today’s multi-cultural society

This book is based on archival research of original documents and the study of key restoration examples in countries that have influenced the international conservation movement Accessible and of great interest to students and the general public it includes conservation trends in Europe, the USA, India, Iran and Japan

2 More Craftsman Homes (Dover Architecture) by Gustav Stickley

Stickley pioneered an architecture based on beauty, simplicity, utility, and organic harmony His approach came to be known as the Mission style Complete plans for 78 authentic Mission-style dwellings are reprinted here from an original 1912 publication with over 300 black-and-white illustrations

3 Beton/Concrete: Beton/Concrete (Best of Detail) by Christian Schittich

Best of DETAIL: Concrete presents highlights from the magazine published in recent years about concrete, a powerful medium for architectural expression In additional to compelling specialist articles, the book contains a special section with a wide range of examples to inspire your own architectural practice, from train stations and churches to single-family homes

4 best of Detail: GLAS / best of Detail: GLASS: by
Christian Schittich, Steffi Lenzen, Sophie Karst, Sandra Leitte, Eva Schonbrunner

Best of Detail: Glass combines highlights from DETAIL and DETAILgreen on the topic of ‘Glass, Transparency and Translucence’ Starting with fundamental questions, the book offers a theoretical basis, details on many practically implemented projects, and plenty of inspiration and examples of successful structural solutions

5 Puerto Rico and the Forts of Old San Juan

The Spanish forts in the city of Old San Juan have evolved in a surprisingly logical way from their sixteenth-century nucleus, remnants of which are still extant Part of their construction also dates from the seventeenth and first half of the eighteenth centuries, but most of the massive fortifications seen today were built in the period from 1765 to 1800 They represent the best military thought of the time for defense against attack both by land and by sea

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