Historical Dictionary of Israeli Intelligence

Historical Dictionary of Israeli Intelligence

A “Historical Dictionary of Israeli Intelligence,” Covers the entire Israeli intelligence community The dictionary contains a lot of new information published for the first time The dictionary covers all of the Israeli covert action including Blanket Operation which was never published before The dicttonary covers the “Mossad,” the name of the Israeli foreign intelligence service, is probably the best known Hebrew word after “shalom,” the preface suggests

The new Dictionary, written by Israeli professor Ephraim Kahana, provides background, updated organizational charts, and other information on the Mossad and several other Israeli intelligence and security agencies
The 424-page Dictionary provides an introduction to Israeli intelligence, along with entries on significant persons, operations and key historical episodes All of the obvious topics are covered, from the capture of fugitive Nazi Adolf Eichmann to the Jonathan Pollard case, as are other relatively obscure subjects, such as the defense security organization Malmab, and its querulous director Yehiel Horev

The individual subject entries are mostly brief, and do not include sources or references But the book includes a fine bibliography (at least for those who lack Hebrew) featuring hardcopy and online resources on Israeli intelligence

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